2250mg Bundle: Day/Night Soft Gels

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This Day/Night bundle is the perfect combination!  Two bottles of Soft Gels, take one (1500mg soft gel) in morning, and the other (750mg SLEEP soft gel) in the evening.  With 10mg of CBD, 10mg of CBN and 5mg of Melatonin, you'll start sleeping better than ever.  And the combination will lead to improved daily wellness, including all the benefits of Hemp Extract and all Terpenes. Less than 0.3% THC. Harvested in the USA. No harmful additives. Accreditited independent third party lab testing for quality, purity and potency.  

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, CBN, Melatonin, MCT Oil, Bovine-Derived Gelatin, Glycerin and Water

Potency: 1500mg soft gels: 50 mg/soft gel; 750mg SLEEP soft gels: 10mg CBD/10mg CBN/5mg Melatonin   

Size: (1) 30 ct bottle of 1500mg Full Spectrum softgels; and (1) 30ct bottle of 750mg SLEEP soft gels

Suggested Use: When it comes to achieving a rewarding hemp-based lifestyle, consistency is key. For best results, take one (1) 1500mg soft gels by mouth every day - in morning and/or before bed. Take 750mg SLEEP soft gel 30 min before bedtime. 


(11 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Day/Night Bundle

    Posted by Karma Magers on Oct 10th 2022

    Still the best on the market, as far as I am concerned! Helps alleviate the pain and lets me sleep at night. So much better than choking down some foul tasting drops that may or may not work. !

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    Day/Night Bundle

    Posted by Karma Magers on Aug 9th 2022

    I have been using Military Grade Health Day/Night bundle for half a year now and this is my third review. Why three times? Because I really really believe in this product! I have several serious Autoimmune disorders that create a fair amount of pain and loss of sleep. I used to be very lucky to get 3-4 hours sleep before waking with such pain and stiffness that I had to swallow a palm full of prescription meds and wait and hour before being able to sleep again. That is about all I did - eat, swallow meds, sleep and repeat. Not a good life. My sister got me started with Military Grade Health because the CBD oil I had tried from several other companies just didn't help. It took me a month or so to get the proper level of relief but once I found the right dosage for me I actually have a life, again!! I sleep beautifully for 7-8 hours, have much less pain and stiffness upon awakening and can actually reduce the amount of prescribed medications! I went from an average pain level of 8.5 to a 4! For me, that is quite tolerable. On those days I have breakout pain I can control it with an extra capsule of Military Grade CBD oil instead of being doped up with prescription pain meds, which are very hard on the body. I cannot praise this product highly enough because it gave me my life back!

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph Matuscsak on May 19th 2022

    It works for me!

  • 5
    CBD oil

    Posted by Sheila Lee on Apr 25th 2022

    Great product!!!!!

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    3000 mg Day/Night bundle

    Posted by Karma Magers on Apr 11th 2022

    Military Grade CBD full spectrum hemp extract is the BEST CBD on the market!! I have been using CBD for years with varying degrees of effectiveness. I was constantly searching for that right hemp extract that lived up to all the hype of pain relief and insomnia relief and affordable, but it was always just out of reach. I have tried over 30 products in my quest for the "right" one and always had to settle for almost good enough - usually with a gagging taste I could barely tolerate. Then my older sister came for a visit. I was choking down a dropper full of the latest bad tasting concoction when she told me about Military Grade capsules and how they really worked for our familial insomnia without any taste. She shared one of her daytime capsules and 30 minutes later I received blessed relief from my Sjogrens Syndrome/Fibromyalgia pain. Heaven! After studying the products offered on the Military Grade web sight I chose the Day/Night bundle of 3000mg. I have re-ordered and signed up for monthly shipments, something I have never wanted from another manufacturer! I am so very lucky to have a smart older sister and so blessed to have found Military Grade CBD capsules!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Karma Magers on Mar 12th 2022

    I have become a devoted customer in less than three weeks! I am a disabled veteran with a wide variety of disabilities. The one thing they all have in common is chronic pain. Many of the meds I take contribute to my Familia Insomnia, so I also take medicine and melatonin for that reason. A handful of meds three times a day!! I am determined to reduce that amount and have been on a quest to find the best natural supplement to do this. I decided Hemp was the way to go. I have been using liquid CBD oil for several years now and have been a bit disappointed in the assistance of the oil if used in moderation. I have also reached the end of my ability to tolerate the taste!!! My sister told me about Military Grade CBD in capsule form. In desperation I immediately ordered the day/night combination despite having just received a shipment from Cornbr*** with my nasty tasting oil. Amazing! Easy! EFFECTIVE like nothing I have tried at all! From the first capsule I experienced a significant reduction in my chronic pain. I am talking SIGNIFICANT!! And a nighttime blissful sleep of 8 hours without fractures. ( I still must take my 5mg melatonin supplement as the Night CBD capsules has only 2mg. ) what a joy! What sweet relief! I noticed that my various muscles have relaxed as I am no longer dealing with sustained severe pain. Don't get me wrong, I still have pain that sometimes flares into indescribable levels. I deal with it more easily now than before, I think because of the restful sleep and because my muscles are more relaxed. All of this without nasty tastebuds assaults!! Do I recommend this product? ONE THOUSAND PERCENT!! Keep moving forward..

  • 5
    New man

    Posted by Keith Timson on Feb 18th 2022

    My wife has noticed the most... says I'm a new person. Less stress.

  • 5
    We love it

    Posted by Greg and Tisha Miller on Feb 18th 2022

    We both love it... never slept better!!

  • 5

    Posted by Tom Zeller on Feb 5th 2022

    a great way to start the day and end the day. So refreshed!!!


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