How Hemp Extract Helps Veterans with Sleep Deprivation

Nov 8th 2023

How Hemp Extract Helps Veterans with Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a serious condition that affects many people, but it is a significant issue for veterans. Studies suggest that between 30-90% of veterans suffer from some form of sleep disorder due to their military service. Whether it is due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or other kinds of service-related conditions, many veterans struggle to get a good night's rest. Unfortunately, sleep disorders can significantly impact a person's quality of life, mental health, physical health, and personal relationships. Hemp extract is a natural solution for sleep deprivation that Veterans can benefit from. In this blog, we will look at how Hemp Extract can help veterans with sleep issues and what research has to say about it. 

What is Hemp Extract, and how does it work? 

Hemp Extract is derived from the Cannabis plant species and is a natural compound that interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system. Hemp Extract works by regulating and balancing the body's physiological and cognitive functions, including mood, sleep, and anxiety. Unlike THC, Hemp Extract does not produce any psychoactive effects or a "high." Instead, it provides a gentle calm and relaxation that can help induce sleep. 

Hemp Extract and Sleep Deprivation in Veterans 

Sleep deprivation in veterans is a severe issue. It can lead to severe consequences, including decreased quality of life, depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. Studies have shown that Hemp Extract may help veterans alleviate some of the symptoms associated with sleep deprivation. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed that Hemp Extract helped reduce anxiety and improve the sleep of people with PTSD. 

PTSD, TBI, and other Service-Related Conditions 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) are commonly diagnosed among veterans. These conditions can lead to chronic sleep deprivation. People with PTSD often experience nightmares, flashbacks, and persistent stress, making it challenging to fall and stay asleep. TBI can cause significant damage to the brain, leading to sleep disturbances and insomnia. Hemp Extract can help alleviate some of these symptoms, primarily by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. 

Dosage and Delivery Methods 

One of the critical considerations when using Hemp Extract for sleep deprivation is the dosage and delivery method. Hemp Extract can be consumed orally in capsules, gummies, or oils. For sleep problems, it should be taken just before bedtime. The optimal dose will vary depending on a person's weight, tolerance, and severity of sleep deprivation. It is best to start with a low dose and gradually increase it until the desired results are achieved. 


Veterans who experience sleep deprivation can benefit from the use of Hemp Extract in promoting sleep hygiene. Hemp Extract can also help with PTSD, TBI, and other service-related conditions that may contribute to sleep deprivation. Note that Hemp Extract can also have side effects, such as dry mouth, dizziness, and decreased appetite when used in excessive amounts. Over the first month, you can determine the right dose and delivery method that works best for you. By using Hemp Extract as part of a holistic approach to treating sleep deprivation, Veterans can significantly improve their quality of life, overall health, and well-being.


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